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KAPPA opto-electronics Inc.

KAPPA opto-electronics Inc. is an internationally operating company. For almost 20 years KAPPA has provided high-quality CCD cameras and image processing solutions for a broad scope of applications with demanding profiles.

KAPPA Video Cameras
Clear electronic design, easy handling and excellent image resolution are the main characteristics of the high-performance KAPPA video camera family. For any kind of application a suitable black-and-white and color camera model can be offered. A control unit for PC-independent operation of the cameras is available.

KAPPA Digital Camera Family
The development of KAPPA digital cameras relies on a modular electronic design and low-noise highly linear signal processing. This concept allows using different sensors, especially Progressive Scan CCDs and assures an easy integration of board level cameras as a component of OEM solutions. Reprogrammable logic devices guarantee an extremely flexible control of the CCD. All megapixel versions are available with PCI and FireWire interface.

Micro Cameras
Remote Head distance up to 30 m & Split Head up to 0, 3 m
Typical applications are industrial endoscopy and minimal invasive surgery  for fixed or flexible endoscopes. The small and light design makes them suitable for applications in the area of robotics, assembly- and mounting devices or manipulators. Ideal for under cover surveillance and as a special effects camera.

KAPPA X-Ray Cameras
In the development of KAPPA X-ray cameras  we rely on low-noise highly linear signal processing. The electronic design is based on modularity with a selection of different sensors, interfaces and a selectable scope of functions. With easy adaptation and integration into X-ray devices, e.g., X-ray sources, image intensifier, C-arms and NDT analyzer, the X-ray cameras are a perfect component of OEM solutions.

KAPPA OEM Camera Modules
Based on a system of modular products KAPPA offers modular camera technology with a maximum design environment for customer-specific requirements. We create your camera.

The technical equipment is selectable:
Sensor type, signal processing functions, interfaces, communication mode, construction (compact, small, remote), camera electronics, distance cable lengths (head / electronics), power supply and pin connections.
We also offer versions with increased resistance to shock, vibrations and temperature.



Convertec develops, designs and manufactures power supply systems and other components for a variety of industrial applications. As an international operating company, Convertec produces high-quality products in Europe and the Far East.



Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

Galltec is producer of Humidity Sensors and humidity temperature sensor with Polyga® measuring elements.
Galltec+Mela offer a wide range of measurement and control instruments for humidity and temperature.
These products are used in a wide range of applications: hygrostats and humidity and temperature sensors with the classic Polyga® humidity measuring element, or sensors with the capacitive Mela® sensor element.

Some of the Galltec products and solutions:

  • Humidity sensors
  • Dew point measurement
  • Measurement of humidity
  • Condensation control

Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH
Boschstrasse 4

71149 Bondorf



High Temperature Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation is a brand-new technology and has not been described in the scientific literature ever before. High Temperature Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation technology marks a real break-through in FFF science as it is using - the first time ever - a ceramic membrane composite inside the Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation channel. This special membrane enables the user to access completely new applications with Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation and to overcome the limitations of the traditionally used polymeric membranes.


Postnova Analytics GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 14
D-86899 Landsberg / Germany


VX Instruments

VX Instruments is a company focusing in the development and manufacture of solutions for test equipment like

The available Function Generator has 40MS/s Sampling rate and 14-Bit Reolution. We have two models, a VXI version and a PXI version. The Function Generator is for high performance testing. Any waveform You need for your appliction can be generated. Pre-defined waveforms like sine, square, triangle, sawtooth are available as software driver. The waveform function will be loaded with a data file into on-board memory.

VX Instruments GmbH
Bernsteinstrasse 41a
84032 Altdorf / Germany


Instrument Systems

Instrument Systems develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of optical measuring instruments for research and industrial applications. Innovation has always been the benchmark of success: Instrument Systems introduced a new generation of fast scanning optical spectrometers and the first commercially available polarization analyzer. A wide selection of fiber based measurement adaptors are used to create complete turn-key systems for a variety of applications in light measurement.

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HMS Industrial Networks bietet ein großes Spektrum innovativer Lösungen zur Anbindung Ihrer Geräte und Anlagen an den Profibus-DP und Profibus-DPV1. Ebenso unterstützt Sie HMS bei Konzeption, Entwicklung und Inbetriebnahme Ihrer Profinet-Lösungen.