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TBT UK Limited - Deep hole drilling solutions

Established in 1984 TBT UK Limited offers solutions of deep hole drilling. The machines are manufactured by TBT Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH + Co, Germany. The machines produced in Germany are able to drill holes from Ø0.9mm up to Ø400mm, and up to 15m deep, dependant on drill Ø.

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TBT Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH + Co
Siemensstraße 1
72581 Dettingen / Erms
Phone: +49 (0)7123 976-0
Fax:       +49 (0)7123 976-100


Wistec slitting systems

Wistec has established itself as a high quality provider of components for the paper and foil industries such as slitting systems, robot grippers, core chucks, shafts and more. The slitting systems come as pneumatic knife holders which have been developped in two different types. The Wistec knife holder type 20-100 has been developed for the shear cutting of web materials. The resilient and robust component features an integrated pneumatic control which is a technical innovation. It is easily adaptable to guide rails that are already in place and can work even with round knives that are deviating from the standard measurements.

Wustrower Chaussee 1
17255 Wesenberg  (Germany)



EHP Wägetechnik: High-performance industrial crane scales from Germany

The supplier of crane scales, EHP, has established itself as a leader in weighing technology with over 24.000 EHP scales currently in use worldwide. The company's own research and development ensures the continous improvement and expansion of its product lines. Crane scales are needed whenever goods need to be transported and weighed at the same time. An EHP crane scale ensure the quick, safe and efficient handling of these processes. Thanks to modern radio technology, the determined weight data can be transmitted to the user's IT system even in rough external conditions and over a distance of up to 500m. EHP also offers comprehensive services such as repairs, crane scale rentals, calibration and adjustment of the scales or on-site weighing.

EHP Wägetechnik GmbH
Dieselstraße 8 
77815 Bühl 


ViscoTec Pumpen- und Dosiertechnik GmbH

The Company specializes mainly in systems for the conveying,
dosing, application, filling and emptying of medium-high viscosity media.

ViscoTec Pumpen- und Dosiertechnik GmbH
Amperstraße 4
84513 Töging a. Inn
Tel.: +49(0) 8631/393-400
Fax. +49(0) 8631/393-500


Bruker AXS

Bruker AXS is a worldwide leader providing advanced X-ray systems and complete solutions for structure and elemental analysis using X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray crystallography (SCD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) techniques.

The products from Bruker AXS have particular application in material science, life science and process analysis. They provide essential information about the three-dimensional structure of chemical and biological molecules, material and structural parameters of thin film and bulk material...



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