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Nora Rubber Flooring

Freudenberg Building Systems – The flooring manufacturer
It was more than 50 years ago that Freudenberg Building Systems recognized the advantages offered by the material rubber and ever since has been making floorings of superlative quality based on innovative development work.

Rubber flooring has been known since the beginning of the past century
nora® rubber floorings are resistant to cigarette burns.Any nicotine and tar stains can be removed.
nora® rubber floorcoverings comply with the most important international fire standards.
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Freudenberg – The flooring manufacturer.

Freudenberg Bausysteme KG
Zwischen Dämmen 2-4
D - 69465 Weinheim


Loos Deutschland GmbH
Werk Gunzenhausen
Nürnberger Strasse 73
91710 Gunzenhausen

Boiler manufacturer
LOOS INTERNATIONAL is a specialist in industrial boiler construction and offer extensive experience combined with wide-ranging expertise.
Based on more than 135 years of specialised work in the area of industrial boilers, LOOS INTERNATIONAL offer a wide range of experience. Innovation and responsibility, creativity and an awareness of quality are the criteria for the range of products and services.

MOHRBACH Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Since 1970 Mohrbach Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has been specialising in the production of machines and systems for carton packaging. A flat, customer oriented structure allows short reaction times and highest efficiency. Modern machining centres are available in production. Mohrbach offers turn-key supply from a single source: starting with design, development to production, assembly, installation and after-sales-service.

MOHRBACH Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
Nünschweiler Straße 3 - 5
66509 Rieschweiler (Germany)


ENVIRO CHEMIE offers solutions for the cleaning and recycling of industrial wastewater and process-water in the sectors metalworking and automobile industry.

An active focal point is the sectors metal and surface treatment technology, in particular in the automobile industry. Our capacity spectrum reaches from the classical End-of-the-pipes solutions, including bypass treatments and circulation systems from water and production medium for the recovery of valuable process substances. Here all the common methods are employed, detoxication, flocculation/precipitation, coagulation, ion exchanger, evaporation, filtration, absorption, diaphragm technology and biological procedures. Special know-how is presented within the areas of degreasing, phosphating, lacquer finishing, galvanization and anodizing plants, the conditioning from water containing oil and synthetic cooling lubricants, also the treatment of wastewater containing oil.

Zeochem Flash chromatography

Flash chromatography is an easy and inexpensive way to perform preparative chromatography on lab scale. The plastic columns are prepacked with the stationary phase, most commonly silica gel. Instead of a feed pump, most commonly pressurized air is used to force the sample and the eluent through the column. The majority of flash grade silica is a 60 Angstrom material with a particle size between 40-63 microns. A narrow particle size distribution and a low amount of fines is necessary to get reproducible results – one of the advantages of ZEOprep from Zeochem.

Molecular Sieve
ZEOCHEM® Molecular Sieve 3A, 4A,5A and 13X are synthetic zeolites containing tiny pores of a precise and uniform size that is used as an adsorbent for gases and liquids.
Molecules small enough to pass through the pores of the Molecular Sieve are adsorbed while larger molecules are not. For instance, a water molecule may be small enough to pass through while larger molecules are not. Because of this, they often function as a desiccant.
Molecular sieves are usually utilized in the petroleum industry, especially with purification of gas streams.

Albany Door Systems

Albany Door Systems is the pioneering force behind the world of High Speed Doors.
Albany Door Systems places company-wide value on customer success. This means that every person and every process within our organization focuses on adding value for our customer. We do this through emphasizing the creation of innovative custom high speed, high performance door solutions, value-focused sales and marketing, optimized business practices, and value-added service and support. Ultimately, we are driven to help our customers add value to their own organizations.


Universal Hydraulik GmbH

The German machine construction company Universal Hydraulik GmbH is one of the world’s
leading producer of marine heat exchangers for shipbuilding and marine applications.

Heat Exchanger
oil cooler
hydraulic oil cooler
Shell & Tube heat exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger
safety heat exchanger
Oil Air cooler
Screw pump
Heat exchanger manufacturer
Marine Heat Exchangers
Elektrische Ölvorwärmer
electrical oil preheater

Here you can find more informaiton about heat exchangers

Universal Hydraulik GmbH
61267 Neu-Anspach / Germany
Tel: +49(0)6081-94180
Fax: +49(0)6081-960220


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Sindringer Str. 25
74670 Forchtenberg-Ernsbach

Phone: +49 7947 821-0
Fax:+49 7947 821-111

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Bruker AXS - Phase Identification

Properties of materials or work pieces are less defined by their elemental composition but by their crystalline phase composition. Therefore, it is essential for the development of new materials or the quality control of production processes to identify the crystalline phases. By far, x-ray diffraction is the most important non-destructive analytical method to identify the crystalline and the amorphous content of a sample qualitatively and quantitatively. An x-ray diffraction curve is commonly measured to start a phase identification of a sample. This investigation typically does not require any dedicated sample preparation. The obtained measurement curve is compared software supported with reference patterns stored in a data base in order to obtain the strictly speaking phase identification. 10 thousands of fingerprints of known crystalline phases are stored in the data base. The result of a phase identification is a complete classification of the fingerprint of the sample to the various present crystalline phases identfied in the data base.

Bruker AXS - CCD Detector

The detection of high energy X-ray photons is a core technology for any X-ray experiment. Szintillation counters were used in Single-Crystal-Diffraction over decades. In 1986 Bruker AXS introduced the CCD detector technology to the scientific community and this changed the world of crystallographers within a few years completely.

In general a modern photo camera is nothing else than a CCD detector. The CCD chip is well suited to detect visible light. In x-ray structure analysis the high energy x-ray photons first have to be converted to visible light and will than be detected by the CCD chip itself. The CCD detector has revolutionized Single Crystal Diffraction. The speed of the experiment has been increased enormously, instead of days it takes nowadays only hours to run a sample. Due to the high performance of the CDD detector design the quality of the resulting x-ray structure is much better than by classical szintillation counters or IP detectors. This is the reason why hundreds of X-ray laboratories use a CCD detector for their research, both in in Chemical Crystallography and in Biological Crystallography. Recently XRD starts to discover the potential of the CCD detector technology for special experimental set-ups like High Pressure Powder Diffraction.

MEVACO - Perforated sheets

Design options with perforated sheeting are almost limitless. It is important to bring together products and ideas. MEVACO offers you numerous ideas on the use of perforated sheeting.
In the design sector, perforated sheeting is most often seen in railing construction and as privacy protection. Perforated sheeting is also an interesting product for soundproofing.

Profile edgings for MEVACO perforated sheeting
Profile edgings are produced in a roll forming procedure. In this connection, a slit strip runs along rolls which are set differently. A profile head develops, which bit by bit gives the material its shape.


IMO Holding GmbH

IMO is one of the leading suppliers in the German and global market in the Slew Bearing sector.
The companies of the group are leading manufacturers of large anti-friction Slewing Rings and self-contained Slew Drives. Future-oriented environment technologies and solutions in the machine and plant manufacturing sector complement the portfolio.

Overview of Ball and Roller Slewing Rings:

Find more information about the products:

Roller and Ball Slewing Rings with diameters from 100 to 5.200 mm


Central Services
IMO Holding GmbH
Imostrasse 1
91350 Gremsdorf, Germany



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