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Nabertherm Kilns / Furnaces

Customers throughout 100 countries of the world testify to the success of the company.Decades of experience in the manufacture of industrial kilns and furnaces have resulted in the renowned high "Nabertherm quality", distinguished by top quality materials, the greatest possible temperature accuracy and innovative and precise process control.

Nabertherm offers a wide range of standard kilns/furnaces and plants for many different areas of application. The modular design of our products means it is possible to find a solution in many areas to your particular problem without the necessity of costly conversion and modification. And, if none of our standard kilns or furnaces meets your requirements, then we will gladly develop a kiln, furnace or complete plant specially tailor-made to your needs.

With a staff of some 300 employees Nabertherm has been developing and producing kilns/furnaces and process plants for many kinds of heat treatment processes for over 50 years.

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Nabertherm air-circulation furnaces

Nabertherm, based in Lilienthal in Germany, supplies customers world-wide with various types of air-circulation furnaces. We offer a large selection of standard air-circulation furnaces as well as customized solutions. We will work with you to provide a furnace that will suit your needs. Air-circulation furnaces can be designed as standard chamber kilns, top-hat furnaces or shuttle kilns with adjustable tables. The entire process is monitored and controlled by a digital Controller. We will be happy to submit a proposal for a purpose-built air-circulation furnace.


Nabertherm top hat furnaces

Nabertherm, a global producer of thermal solutions, is based in Germany (in Lilienthal near Bremen). We supply shuttle kilns, chamber kilns and high temperature kilns (optionally as top-hat furnaces). We offer a large selection of standard top-hat furnaces as well as customized solutions, and will produce a purpose-built furnace by working with your individual requirements and specifications. Our top-hat furnaces are designed to suit the nature of the product, which means we supply models with stationary tables or interchangeable table systems. Maximum temperatures can reach up to 1750 °C, and the entire process is monitored and controlled by a digital Controller.

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Rauschert GmbH

The Rauschert company is manufacturing high temperature heaters and pellet stove igniters. The special ceramic compound enables the ignition of wood-pellets, wood-chips and solid fuel within 60 seconds by air heating. The extremely high surface temperature of 1,000°C/1,800°F, heats up the supply air in the shortest possible time.
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Rauschert GmbH
Technical ceramics & Moulded plastic parts
Paul-Ernst-Metzler-Straße 1
96515 Judenbach-Heinersdorf